Intersex and Intimacy: Presenting Concerns About Dating and

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Intersex and Intimacy: Presenting Concerns About Dating and

Postby bemmbvios on Tue Nov 24, 2020 6:54 am

The intersex label applies to individuals born with medically classified genitalia, gonads and/or chromosomes that are not solely male nor female. The intersex community must navigate the precarious world of dating and intimacy dominated by heterosexual cisgender bodies and schemas. How do intersex people approach dating and what anxieties do they experience when considering relationships with potential partners? The purpose of this research is to depathologize intersex narratives and study intersex people through the lens of social interaction in the context of intimacy. Data were collected from, a website for communication within the intersex community. From 36 original posts, content analysis identified the following themes: condition description, rejection sensitivity, sexuality and attraction, gender presentation, self-deprecation, genital appearance and function, disclosing the intersex condition, finding potential partners, and reproduction and family. Additionally, some posts were written by non-intersex individuals seeking relationship advice. The present research expands on dating anxiety research by identifying the specific set of dating anxieties experienced by intersex persons when approaching intimate relationships.
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Re: Intersex and Intimacy: Presenting Concerns About Dating and

Postby vondess on Thu Nov 26, 2020 7:31 am

Is there any way to amend it through a surgery? I think doctors can do miracles today. It is another issue that it may cost you a fortune. And it is the first time I hear about dating sites for these people Do they really exist? And if yes, how to find them? It would be good if you could provide a bit more information in this respect.
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Re: Intersex and Intimacy: Presenting Concerns About Dating and

Postby Bermudos on Wed Apr 28, 2021 2:18 am

In such matters, you definitely need to check your ideal match before you go on a date. For example, sites such as dating at 40 pay a lot of attention to checking the member's profile and such a decision is quite justified in order to prevent fake accounts.
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